Q. How does logging in make me a better person?
A. For one thing, your vote might not be registered on the polls. If someone already voted from your IP address, it won't be counted. But if you're logged in and you haven't voted, you'll be okay. This makes it a little harder for the lamers to tip the scales. Also, if you post a lot of comments, it gives you an identity, a chance to make new friends/enemies. And besides, you won't show up as a Random Shemp.

When you log in, you also disable those damn annoying "pop-ups" and "pop-unders" which we make our non-users see so we can pay the bills to keep the site running.

Q. Why should I give you all my info?
A. Well, it's not so much for us as it is for the other people on here. Feel free to put in an alias, forget your password once you login, and use a hotmail account for e-mail (and a fake one to be shown on your posts).

Q. Am I going to get spammed if I give you my e-mail address?
A. Absolutely not! We hate spammers almost more than answering the phone. We'll only use your e-mail address to send you things you might need to know about this site. If you forget your password, but remember your login, your password will be sent to that address. But we'll never send you anything that isn't absolutely necessary. And if you're afraid of having your e-mail address mined off our pages, feel free to put in whatever you want as your fake e-mail.


Q. How do I post a comment?
A. Click on the comments link at the bottom of a story, then click on the "comment on this story" link at the bottom of the news article. Once you have done that you should get a form. If you follow instructions like a good little boy/girl you should not have any other problems.

Q. Why am I not seeing comments?
A. Because there are no comments to that particular story? Sorry! And if you do want to see comments, then go write a comment yourself!


Q. I clicked on something, and I heard a loud explosion. Then my page didn't show up the way I thought it would why?
A. We've put a lot of development and testing time into this site, but we're constantly adding features and bugs. If you have any technical problems with the site, you'll alert our army of trained monkeys. If you get something that doesn't look right and it doesn't say anything about the monkeys, please let us know.

Q. You misspelled something.
A.If it's in a story, we really don't care. But if it's in one of the pages that doesn't change very often and it bugs you enough to complain about it, then it will bug us enough to change it.

Q. Who's responsible for this site?
A. The site is run by Ai Graphics. If you have any questions or offers email Jack, he takes care of the political aspects of the site.

Although we try to issue unbiased news reports most of the time, we will occassionally filter in our own thoughts and opinions. The comments belong to whomever posted them. If we're violating something of yours on here please let us know, and we might take it off.

Q. Some of these things aren't questions, and I don't think any of them were even asked.
A. This is not a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. It's a Favorite Answer Quollection. If you have a question that you didn't see answered here, feel free to ask. click here


Q. Do you have a backend?
A.  Yes and you can use it too. Some restrictions do apply(of course). Please help us prevent overloading and server crashes etc.. by only accessing these pages once every 27 minutes. Also respect all copyright laws and trademarks etc. OK enough said here they are:
The backend freshmeat style:
The backend XML style:
The backend RSS (netscape) style:
Click here for scripts that use our backend
scripts that use our backend

Q. What makes this site work?
A.  The Digital Theatre site is currently powered by a dual PIII-800 with 512MB of RAM on a OC-3 line. The site itself consists of a large amout of php scripts serving pages on the fly for news and commenting purposes. All data is stored in a MySQL database hosted on the main machine. The webserver used here is the well-known Apache webserver.