Development of this site began and ended in the first two weeks of August 1999. The site went live for general public viewing on August 17, 1999. We had a major site upgrade on January 1st, 2000. As time went by, a lot of other features were added such as the Digital Theatre Resource Search Engine, as well as the Digital Theatre Tips section. As the content of the site grew, a third redesign of the site commenced during the last few weeks of April 2000. The new design allowed for more content, and implemented the use of CSS for better design control. Then again on January 8th, 2001 there was another release with a new design and new features including Email to a friend and printer friendly versions of posted stories.


Can I advertise on this page?
Yes, Go to the contact page.


What makes this site work?
The site is currently powered by a dual PIII-800 system with 512MB of RAM on an DS-3 line. The site itself consists of large amounts of PHP scripts serving pages on the fly for news and commenting purposes. All data is stored in a MySQL database hosted on the main machine. The web server used here is the well-known Apache web server on a Linux Operating system.