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The life of an open source coder is not a glamorous one, No women throwing their bodies at you (except one and she was weird) and no money. The only thing we get is this:

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From: *~Nightshadow~* <thenightshadow1@***.com>
Super script. I'll give it a 10 and a gold star for you Jack. Love the script, love PHP. :)

Thanks so very much for making life much easier

From: Debbie McDonald <debbie_mcdonald@***.us>
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You saved my bacon literally! Thank you very, very much for the useful formmail. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Editor's Note: *Mmm.. Bacon!*

From: Gordon Bateson <gbateson@***.com>
Dear "starving developers behind Jack's scripts",

you're marvels. You're wizards. You really helped me a lot with your formmail.php so I just wanted to say thanks a million.

One day I hope I can repay you. I hope to write an add-on for formmail which will allow the fields to be saved to a MySQL database. Probably you've already written it :-)

many thanks

From: Michael <mvw@***.net>
Love it. Well done. Simple and sufficient. Thanks, saved me a bunch of time on

From: Kurt Kaufman <kurtkaufman@***.com>
I'm thrilled to find your script. Being new to PHP, I especially appreciate the instructions you have made available; hopefully I'm not too thick to figure out what to do. When I get everything up and running, I'll let you know. If my client permits, I'd be happy to link to the site you request.

From: Thankful User <dm3401@***.com>
Thanks. This is just what I needed

From: Mike <mikemanson@***.com>
Thanks again Jack!!!

From: Treden Wagoner <twagoner@***.org>
I got it to work. Thanks for all of your help. Your assistance was great. I appreciate all of your time.

From: Ryder Saint <saintdragon@***.ne.jp>
What are you doing? every other delveloper has difficult an very ugly sites yours is neat and easy to understand!!!!

Also where you write is to easy to understand your meant to stick useless junk code in just to annoy everyone you have totally destoryed the meaning of delveloper

From: Lia Bulaong <lia@***.com>
formmail.php works perfectly well for me, and was exactly what I was looking for.

From: Johnno <soapbox02@***.com>
dude, I have gotta say it. you totally kick ass. I have used several of your spanktacular scripts, and will say again, you kick ass. we all love you jack.

From: Nick <nickgog@***.com>
Hello there! Thanks for writing this neat little mail program for which I've been looking for so long. It works for the first time!

From: Tobias Eigen <tobias@***.org>
thank you SO MUCH for creating formmail.php!... Cheers for creating a fantastic tool!

From: Alfred <ST3-21@***.com>
I'm a newbie in formmail. My form happens to reside on a Linux system and all the perl scripts I've found so far were scripted for Unix. Thank goodness for your php version!

From: Gijs <gijs@***.nl>
I'm really satisfied with the formmail.php script. It's wonderfull.

From: Valyo <valyo@***.com>
Thanx. A nice thing really. Having in mind I'm not friends with PHP...

From: Ted McDonald <ted@***.com>
Love your Formmail!

From: Alex <alex1967@***.bg>
Verry Thanks

From: Terry Bernard <terry@***.com>
Hey Jack,
Formmail.php rocks!

From: Christopher <christopher@***.net>
thank you for providing the world with such a great script!!..

From: Styledorks <styledorks@***.com>
thanks alot for all the help you gave me most ppl who write scripts dont seem to take the time to help ppl out who are using it your one of the few who do keep up the good work.

From: Dennis <jack@***.com>
thanks jack, your script is da bomb!

From: Jonathan Farber <farber@***.co.uk>
Simply beeeoootifal. im lovin'it lovin'it lovin'it.

From: Graham <hpcafe@***.com.au>
I spent two days trying to find what you have tried all sorts all to complicated for a numnut newbie yours is simple and worked without any trouble thank youy Sir

From: Miguel <cobem@***.com>
Well, i just want to say...
Your php is the easiest one i found. It really helps useless people like me to do easy forms in our home made webs, forms we couldn't do in another way.
Thanks again, and keep up!
- From Spain,

From: Craig <Craig@***.org>
m00 :)
y0 Great Script :)

From: C. Tucker <unicornsasylum@***.com>
It Works!!!!! I have been looking for a form processing PHP or CGI script now for about 6 months! Every single one I tried was filled with errors, or never even sent the information! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

From: Alex <alexd@***.com>
Hey man, this script is AWESOME. I had no problem figuring it out andimplementing it!!
Well done.

From: Travis Kerzic <travio@***.net>
oh yeah, I like it!

From: Mick <mick2812@***.com>
Thanks Jack! This is a godsend :) Having just set up a server that doesn't use the unix sendmail but does have php I thought I'd lost formmail but not so thanks to you :)
Best Wishes

From: Adam Forman <adam@***.co.uk>
I just wanted to say what a wicked script this is. I have a site with php, asp, cgi , but it seems the PHP script is the best so far.

From: Ville Juntunen <villeju@***.fi>

From: Grant Stern <grantstern@***.com>
Dear Jack,
Thank you for an excellent script. I'm sure Matt is proud of you, and I think that your documentation is in the best of the tradition that he started.
good luck,

From: Lindsay <lhgo@***.com>
I love the script Jack! I have almost no experience <less than 40 hours> in programming but I needed to have an email form for my mother's business. I found yours and have modified it to work for us. Thanks so much for the straightforward and easy to follow code.

From: Wayne Nolting <w.nolting@***.com>
I am a web designer andwas referred toyour script by another programmer. After reading through your documentation I could not believe how easy it is to set up. I can't wait to get it going on my new site called CodeNameWEB. Your Script will definitely be linked off my resources page.
Thanks a million!
Wayne Nolting, Web Designer
Newington, CT

From: Guy Schwartz <Guy.Schwartz@***.***.tx.us>
Thanks for the help Jack. By the way, after a couple of years of toiling with and corrupting Perl scripts <formmail.pl or .cgi>, I love the ease of use with your formmail.php file!!! Way to go!

From: Gavin <gavin.tilley@***.com>
G'day Jack,
Congratulations, for whatever reason yours was about the only script I could get working with my NT server!

From: "Flip^" <flip@***.nl>
Many many thanks! You are my live saver! :)

From: Robbin Watson <robbin@***.com>
I just ran across your version of formmail. I LOVE IT! You did a fantastic job with this script. It is so easy to implement, it's scary. But, that's PHP for ya -- robust and simple. Thanks!

From: Jeremy <jeremy@***.com>
Just wanted to say awesome job on the script, I just started to use php and this email form script you put together is AWESOME! I usually use Matt's CGI formmail, but I knew there would be a better PHP version out there. THANKS!

From: Jack Hacket <pythonpython@***.com>
Cool script! Thanks a lot!

From: Mike Fay <fay_mike@***.com>
i'm a non-programmer designer, and i got it to work!!! tried 2 other sites, useless, your the main man..

From: Eirik <tobiaz@***.no>
Thank you so much! I've never understanded php before, and though I haven't tried out your script yet, at least it seems easy! Thanks!