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We love you but cannot support the script anymore



We are happy to announce on a major update on site! In the next up coming weeks we will add more features and set the form mail script page to give better understanding, features and guides to the script so that every one could use it.

01/25/2006 - News and such..
I know you all hate me. In the last 3 years I've been real busy and this project has become abandoned. I am no longer a teenager with the type of time required to maintain a project such as Formmail.php. For this I apologize.

Now, enough with the reconciliation. I present you with the most recent variation (not version) of Formmail with modifications by RJ. You can read about it and download it Form to html and php email. Feel free to discuss it in the forums.

Note: if anyone would like to submit their properly (read: at least partialy) documented formmail variations, I'd be happy to add them to this site with links back to yours.

10/20/2003 - A New Release and A New Site!
After several months of silence, thanks to the generous donations and support from various individuals and companies I am proud to announce the new and improved Jack's Formmail.php Version 5.0.

In addition to the new features (most notible are mime-attachments, an autoresponder and sort features) Jack's Formmail.php 5.0 contains a large number of bug fixes and we strongly recommend that all users of Formmail.php upgrade to this version. A full list of features and fixes can be found here.


Mail code script email | contact form php

What is Jack's Formmail.php?

"Jacks FormMail.php" is a generic WWW form to e-mail gateway, which will parse the results of any HTML form and send them to the specified user.
Formmail.php is created by Joe Lumbroso [www.lumbroso.com/resume] and maintained by Dtheater New Movies News

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How much does it cost?

"Jack's Formmail.php" is FREE! It will always be. It may be used on commercial and non-commercial sites. You can find a complete explanation of our license/disclaimer here.

Where can I get help/support for Formmail.php?

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