Topic: By ChrisGamingExpert November 9, 2009 10:47 AM

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What do you get in an Xbox 360 PDF fix manual and videos?

The Xbox 360 Fixer Videos & PDF fix guide has become one of the most popular online products through out the world which gave us the opportunity to know more about different features of our Xbox 360 ad get it fixed by ourselves. This guide is now considered as life saver for many Xbox 360 owners who waited for a very long time to get the best solution of their Xbox 360 problems without spending hundreds of dollar.

After paying your hard earned money to Microsoft for purchasing an Xbox 360, this really hurts badly when you have to pay hundreds of dollars of fix fees again just to fix your broken system when your machine goes out of the warranty period.

The Xbox 360 Fixing PDF Guide and videos- Alternative of fix center

However, Xbox 360 Fixer guide first got the attention of people Xbox 360 repair manual or guidewhen finally some Xbox 360 gamers decided to find a way to bypass the Microsoft fix center to fix their Xbox 360s by themselves. The reason was very simple.

Not too many Xbox 360 owners liked the whole idea of paying Microsoft a good $140 of fix charge and wait for a whole month to get their Xbox 360 back.

This PDF manual includes videos with step by step instructions to fix 99% of all Xbox 360 errors in a very easy yet detailed way.