Topic: By ChrisGamingExpert November 7, 2009 10:54 AM

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After so much fun playing their favorite games, having a broken xbox 360 is something nobody wants

A console that is broken now started as a mad race months ago. I spent several hours waiting in line, waiting for the gadget store to open. A mad rush followed afterwards, everyone scrambling to get hold of the mighty xbox 360. I was lucky to have a reservation invoice, and brought home my very first xbox 360...

That was what I recall several months ago. It was pure excitement playing Broken xBox 360: Fix it now!on my xbox 360 console, until one day when it began to freeze half-way, make terrible sound from the speaker, and at times didn't even start. I got a broken xbox 360 in my house!

I told my friend about it. What came as a surprise was that he was having the same problems as mine, only a week earlier. I ask him what he did. He went over to my house, showed me a copy of repair guide he uses to repair his broken xbox 360.

I viewed through the contents, and said to myself: "this is so cool!" I didn't spared a moment, got my own copy, and presto! I got my broken xbox 360 up and running in less than an hour! From that time on, I haven't got anymore problems with my xbox 360 because of the many tips I got from the broken xbox 360 guide. So if you want to make your xbox 360 last a long time, consider having this guide a must.