Topic: By ChrisGamingExpert November 3, 2009 11:26 AM

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Red ring of death, what's this all about? Get it fixed now!

The sight of the red ring of death in Xbox 360 consoles can often bring the owner to hysterical level. This infamous flashing lights signifies an impending hardware failure, that your xbox 360 console is doomed, unless you have blinking red light fix to counter it.

Some people have mistakenly took their xbox 360 console to a Microsoft service center, thinking their unit have manifested the red ring of death symptom. It turns out that the problem was just an unplugged av cable, which would show four flashing red lights on the console panel. The red ring of death is acually three flashing lights on the three quadrants, not four. So don't get confused.

Red ring of death fix: do it your own red ring of death repair

Before you decide on throwing out your xbox 360 after seeing the red ring Red ring of death: A nightmare for every Xbox playerof death flash on front of you, stay calm. There are known fixes that have worked on a big number of units.

Some fixes can be as simple as unplugging all major components and re-plugging it in again after performing some tests. So if you want to save your xbox 360 from the red ring of death, you might as well give it shot of some possible red ring of death fix. Soon enough you'll learn to do your own xbox 360 red ring of death repair.