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The Smurfs Movie Trailer HD - Just Released!
By CharlesWilsonMovieExpert, (DT)
July 21, 2011 10:33 AM PT
The Smurfs Movie Trailer

New York is about to meet new creatures from a different dimension. Known as the smurf, these cute little beings were actually chased out of their village and through a portal, thus landing on our world. While they try their best to fit into the human world, they are well aware that the evil wizard Gargamel is just a few blocks behind. Determined to get his hands on every smurf that he sees, Gargamel continues to track them down here in New York.

The Smurfs Movie Trailer HD

In the meantime, the smurf must find a way to get back to their own world before Gargamel captures all of them.

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