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Find How to Fix Xbox 360 Error Codes! RROD | E errors | 0021 FREE
By ChrisGamingExpert, (DT)
November 14, 2009 9:47 PM PT

Solutions to fix xbox 360 error codes!

Can't see xbox 360 screen? Learning how to fix xbox 360 error codes or E error codes is an important advantage for those wanting to fix this problem on their own. Most gamers would contact the Microsoft service support in order to fix xbox 360 error codes  but other prefer to fix xbox 360 error codes by themselves.

Therefore, it seems that these errors can be due to problems linked to your dvd drive especially if the user has tried to change the firmware. One thing is for sure: all such errors are linked to the faulty x-clamp design. It is really important to fix xbox 360 error codes with an expert guidance otherwise you may damage your Xbox and not anymore able to enjoy games.

Among the most common solutions to fix xbox 360 error codes we mention the following:

  • You must reflash the dvd drive of your console to the original state using opa xtream version 2.1.

  • You can apply the x-clamp mods while using the alwdogs method to fix xbox 360 error codes.

  • If these do not fix your xbox 360 then there might be problems with the soldering. You should try resoldering the southbridge with a hot air gun.
These methods involve elements that not every one can do.

Other methods that are very easy & efficient when you want to fix xbox 360 error codes by yourself are provided in Jeffery King's special guide. With some guidance you will be able to fix you xbox game console in no time.

Fix xbox 360 error codes on your own and get back to your games!

When you decide to fix xbox error codes on your own you must beFind out how to fix xbox 360 error code 0021! careful at what you are doing so that you will not damage your xbox 360 more than it already is.

Most errors are determined by the overheating of the processors which in time force the x-clamps which leads to the damage of solder connections. In that moment you will face 3 red lights and an error code, most probable the error code 0021.

If you decide to fix xbox 360 error codes you can also use the xbox 360 x-clamp repair kits available on the internet but this is not recommended.

Using an easy method that uses only house hold items and very easy to implement is Jeffery King's special guide. This guide has step by step instructions and his price is very affordable too.

Fix xbox 360 error codes now.

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